Newsletter Ideas

Helpful Tips for Newsletter Creation

Newsletter Ideas

There are many different reasons for writing a newsletter; they can be made for fun and entertainment for a club or hobby or for a business. The idea behind a

newsletter is to get important news out to your readers whether it is about bridge club, politics, or a business or product. They can be essential to businesses so that they can keep their customers informed about the latest news regarding the business’s niche or a new product that has come out. Newsletters are a great way to advertise to your customers without it seeming like an obvious advertisement. One of the most difficult things about creating a newsletter is coming up with newsletter ideas.

If you are thinking about creating a newsletter, you probably already have a topic; that is, you want to make one about your business, club, or to promote your products. Once you know what your newsletter will be about, the next step is to think of a good title. The newsletter’s title doesn’t necessarily need to be related to the newsletter’s content; it only needs to be catchy and original. You might consider putting your company’s name in the newsletter title so your company will get more name recognition.

Now comes the difficult part. You have your topic and title, but you need to actual create content for the newsletter. There are several ways to generate newsletter ideas like reading your competitor’s newsletter which obviously shouldn’t copy, but you could do something similar. Also, surf the internet to find what people are talking about in regards to your niche. Find forums and message boards associated with your niche and see what people are talking about. Another way to generate newsletter ideas is to read the actual news in newspapers and magazines.

I would recommend outsourcing your newsletter content writing so that you can better spend your time. There are several websites where you can hire writers at $1.00/100 words which could get you an entire newsletter written for fairly cheap and you would have more time to focus on other things in regards to your business. You could probably find writers that aren’t from the USA that would take significantly less money to write quality content. All you need to do is tell these writers your newsletter ideas, and they will do all the content creation for you.

Now that you have your newsletter created, you probably have several more questions. This website was designed to be 100% about newsletters. The links on the right will take you to posts about newsletter idea content creation. I hope to include templates and live examples to help you better understand what a professional newsletter looks like. For those that run a newsletter for their club or hobby, I will also include examples of these. If you are looking for books or guides on newsletters, I would recommend buying them here.

Here Are Some More Newsletter Ideas

If you’re still struggling to come up with ideas for your newsletter I’ve thought of some more that I would like to share with you. You really don’t have to use these

exactly, but maybe these will help you brainstorm even more ideas. The more fun and informative sections that you include in your newsletter, the better, as the members of your organization will actually read it, enjoy it, and learn something from it.

One idea for a section of your newsletter could be about a specific member of your company or organization. You could include a picture, short biography, favorite quotes, and other information that the person would like to share.  This will help other members get to know them , and the person with the profile will enjoy being recognized publicly.  This may increase camaraderie in your organization and especially help those that are shy or those haven’t warmed up to the others yet.

You could also include in your newsletter some sort of weekly letter from the CEO, boss, newsletter publisher, or other high-ranking member of your organization. This will make them person seem less disconnected from the rest of the organization and give the members a chance to learn about them. The person writing the letter should write a personal story about themselves and the organization for best effect.

You could also do questions and answers or “frequently asked questions” section which can help new members with common questions that they might have about your organization that they are afraid to ask.  The questions and answers in your newsletter will also benefit older members by rehashing and emphasizing what they already should know.  You could also include helpful tips and tricks that are useful information and that everyone may not know.

A fun idea for your newsletter would be to include a puzzle or game section like a crossword or some other type of puzzle which will help readership of your newsletter by making it fun.  The members of your company or organization will look forward to your newsletter.  Another idea is to list organizations that are similar to yours in your newsletter that your members might be interested in working for or volunteering for. This will help your organization stay connected in your niche.

Finally include a section with photos of your organization in action and having fun which will everybody will enjoy seeing and remembering how much fun they have had. These ideas aren’t mandatory for your newsletter, but they are something to think about.